In Hardingstone we believe in traditional scouting values. All our members are expected to wear full uniform and wear it correctly and smart. We also insist on the highest standards of behaviour. In return, our young people are promised at least 4 nights away experiences every year. This is every section from our Beavers to our Explorer Scouts. Many section exceeds this every year.

When we go camping we believe in traditional Canvass tents. Although these are bigger and heavier than the modern lightweight equivalents, they stand up to many years of abuse. We have recently retired a tent from 1962 that other than being faded was still operational! The tents are bigger and heavier and take teamwork to set up. This we believe is one of the points of scouting which is often missed by groups who buy lightweight, throw-away tents.

Our biggest camp of the year is our group camp which last year saw 89 members of the group camping together. This year’s was supposed to be attended by 103 members until Coronavirus intervened.

Our Scouts and Explorers take part in a week-long summer camp which last year saw us in Belgium, this year sees us in Dorset and next year we are of to Kanderstag in Switzerland.