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Vikings in Willesley Leicester

Upcoming Programme

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The Troop

We have an amazing time at an amazing Scout Troop! With Skip and Gary in charge you never know what we might find ourselves doing next. We all work towards our Chief Scout Gold Awards, which is a difficult award to get, and Skip doesn’t let us get easily! That said, we have had 8 awarded in 2020 which is a record for us. The programme is great, although we do have to do some things that are not that much fun but are needed for our awards.

If you are going to join us, make sure you know how to roll a necker! Skip and Gary insist on us being smart, which is a bit of a pain each week, but does pay off whenever we go out on parade or join in with the public.

We have had the most incredible experiences over the last few years. Skip and Gary make sure we get away camping at least four times a year and last year we even spent a week away in Belgium! Some of us are lucky enough to be going to Kanderstag next year and I can’t wait!

Winter Sleepover 2020

Leadership Team

Kevin Dillow (Skip)

GSL / Scout Leader Vikings

Gary Thompson

ASL Vikings

Vicky Taylor

ASL Vikings / Media Manager

Kevin (Skip) and Gary head up the Viking Troop, having done so for the last 6 years. Between them they have 22 years experience of leading in Scouting with Kevin having seen action as A Scout Leader, Venture Scout Leader and Group Scouter in the past. He was also a Cub, Scout and Venture Scout himself. Gary came up through the group as a Beaver Leader, Cub Leader and now with Scouts. His youth was spent in the Boys Brigade. They gel well together and have led an extremely successful Troop, so successful that it split in 2018 to form the current 2 troops. Since the middle of 2020, Skip and Gary have been joined by Vicky. Vicky has been with the group a while and has seen service as both a Cub Scout instructor and with our Active Support Unit. She also heads up our imedia team. Her long term aspirations lie with Early Years provision, but she is a welcomed addition to the team in the meantime.


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