Considering becoming a trustee of the 1st Hardingstone Scout Group? While the role is voluntary, the personal rewards are immense.

Shape the Future of Scouting: Trustees play a vital role in the group’s direction. You’ll help ensure 1st Hardingstone continues to provide a safe and exciting environment for local youth to learn, grow, and develop valuable life skills.

Witness Positive Change: See firsthand the positive impact scouting has on young people. Their growth in confidence, teamwork, and resilience will be truly inspiring.

Develop New Skills: Being a trustee allows you to develop valuable skills in governance, finance, and strategic planning. These skills are transferable and can benefit your professional life as well.

Meet Inspiring People: Join a dedicated team of volunteers who share your passion for youth development. Build new friendships and a strong support network.

Leave a Lasting Legacy: Help ensure the 1st Hardingstone Scout Group thrives for generations to come. Your contribution will leave a positive mark on the community.

Gain Personal Satisfaction: There’s a deep sense of satisfaction that comes from knowing you’re making a positive difference in the lives of young people. Being a trustee is a chance to give back and feel good about it.

Being a trustee isn’t just about giving your time, it’s about investing in the future. Get involved!

Next Steps:

Contact us to learn more about the trustee role.
Attend a meeting to see us in action.
Talk to existing trustees about their experiences.